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Think Before you Flush - Flushing the wrong items can cause costly, messy clogs, & harm the sewer system

Post Date:03/17/2020

Do your part and help keep these frequent intruders out of our sewers.

“Flushable and Non-Flushable” wipes: These not-so “flushable” wipes can clog sewer lines and get caught in the equipment at the
wastewater treatment plant. Please dispose of wipes in the trash, even if the package says they’re flushable!

Facial Tissues, Paper Towels: Facial tissues might seem safe to flush because they look so much like toilet paper. But unlike toilet paper, facial
tissues have been treated with a chemical binder that takes time to release and break apart when flushed. Likewise, paper towels are also
formulated to stay intact.

Feminine Products: These products expand and absorb moisture, making it difficult for them to travel through the sewer pipes, and they don’t
break down.

Disposable Diapers: Disposable diapers are not meant to be flushed…

Dental Floss: Dental floss loves to wrap itself around anything and everything that might travel down the same path in the sewers.

Other products that should not be flushed: Sand, hair, kitty litter, condoms, cotton.


Think Before You Flush Factsheet

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