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City of Redmond Reminds Residents Use of Illegal Fireworks May Result in $500 Fine

Post Date:06/23/2020 2:46 PM

REDMOND, OREGON – Fourth of July festivities are drawing near and with them come fireworks.  The City of Redmond would like to encourage everyone to enjoy the day safely and free from accidental fire.  When purchasing fireworks, make sure they are approved by the State Fire Marshal’s office. Use of illegal fireworks within Redmond City limits may result in a fine of $500, and repeat offenders may receive a fine up to $2,500 and/or jail time up to six months.

“Redmond’s fireworks ordinance not only applies to the person(s) possessing or using illegal fireworks, it may also be applied to the property owner, renter, or other person in charge of property where fireworks are used or possessed,” states Lieutenant Jesse Petersen, Redmond Police Department. “Please enjoy fireworks responsibly; take steps to light them safely and dispose of them properly once extinguished to ensure it’s a fun occasion for everyone.”

Any firework that flies into the air, explodes, or behaves in an uncontrollable and unpredictable manner are illegal in Oregon.  Legal fireworks may be purchased at an Oregon permitted retail fireworks sales location during the retail fireworks sale dates of June 23 through July 6.

Fireworks danger is commonly associated with the dry summer months. However, Redmond’s high desert climate and dry conditions make wildfire possible all year long. To learn more about fireworks allowed in Oregon and/or safety guidelines, please visit the State Fire Marshal’s website at

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