Councilor Jon Bullock

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City Councilor Jon Bullock Councilor, John Bullock

For nearly 23 years, I have been honored to work as an educator in Oregon’s public school system. As the Executive Director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy, one of the largest and most successful charter schools in Oregon, I work with students and families every day -- I will bring that unique perspective to the council. In my role as Executive Director, I have personally overseen multimillion dollar budgets, construction projects, property acquisition, employees, and managers. I have a keen understanding of how public finance works, as well as the policies that guide it, and I hope to use these skills and experiences to ensure smart fiscal stewardship in Redmond.

Serving my community has long been a personal and professional focus of mine. I love Redmond, and I want to ensure Redmond is the best place in Central Oregon to raise a family. I think we can continue moving forward together by remaining focused on bringing more good-paying jobs to Redmond and by making sure our city infrastructure is well-maintained and affordable for our citizens.