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Jay Patrick

Redmond City Councilor Jay Patrick  Councilor, Jay Patrick

My life started as a military brat. But that was actually only a brief time in my life because my dad retired after 20 years and moved back to his home in Central Oregon. I was 6 years old at the time and starting school at Terrebonne Elementary. After the short stint of less then a year we moved into Redmond where I have spent most of my life.

I have fantastic memories as a kid growing up in the sixties and seventies. Redmond was a wonderful place to grow up in. Safety, security and opportunity were all here as a kid.

After a year at Mt. Hood Community College I returned here to start my life as an adult. I finished my Associates at Central Oregon Community College and found work. Getting married to my best friend to spend the rest of my life with. We have now been married nearing 33 years.

My work history is not the US norm. Once married I have worked 2 jobs, one for 17+ years and going on 15 years for the second. I think this reflects much into the way I view things. I think through life's challenges and am not eager to make a change just to make a change. My younger life had some real challenges and the Redmond community was extremely supportive. This is one of the reasons for my wanting to give back or “pay  it forward” as the popular statement goes. I also believe we have “all” sat back for one reason or another to long in our Country just happy with our existence. Believing now it is not to late to stand up for ourselves our values, morals and way of life.

My current job is with Technology in the schools. I do understand that the business world around us is changing everyday at warp speeds and slowing those changes is not likely to happen. We need to be as smart as possible when looking at changes in our community to capture that change to our benefit and not morph the fabric of what makes Redmond what it is.

That is why I am on Council and I appreciate the support I have received. Volunteering somewhere in the community you live in is important. I encourage you to volunteer at your church at your school or in the community somewhere this year as I continue volunteering on City Council. Together as we stand up we can make a difference.

When my grandkids grow up I want them to appreciate the City of Redmond as I do. Let's make it happen!