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City of Redmond Electronic Newsletter :
The City of Redmond newsletter is dedicated to information about the happenings and events occurring within the City. The newsletter an interesting way to keep up to speed with the latest City of Redmond activities, meetings and news.

The newsletter is published monthly. Persons registered to receive City email notifications will receive an email message when the most recent issue is published.

Tell Us What You Think :
Do let us know what you think about the newsletter. All ideas, comments, and criticisms are welcome. Submit your comments to our Communications Manager, Heather Casaro at 541-504-3031 or EMAIL.

We also encourage any visually impaired users who are unable to view the PDF documents to visit, the site contains tools that can convert PDF documents into simple HTML or ASCII text which standard screen reading programs can then synthesize the HTML as audible speech.

Redmond Connection Newsletter :