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Codes & Regulations


Current Redmond Planning Code



As of 1/1/2020 the following code adoptions will be required for submittals:

2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (replaces 2014 OSSC)

2019 Oregon Zero Energy Ready Commercial Energy Code (replaces 2014 OEESC)

2019 Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code (replaces 2014 OMC)


Building Specialty Codes as adopted and amended by the State of Oregon as follows:

2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORC) amended version of the 2009 IRC

2014 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC) amended version of the 2012 IBC

2014 Oregon Mechanical Code (OMC) amended version of the 2012 IMC

2017 Oregon Electrical Code (OEC) amended version of the 2014 NEC

2017 Oregon Plumbing Code (OPC) amended version of the 2011 UPC

2014 Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code (OEESC)

2010 Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code (OSISC)

2014 Oregon Fire Code (OFC) amended version of the 2012 IFC

2010 Oregon Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code


Design Requirements

(can vary, contact for more information)

Snow Load: 25 PSF, drifting based on site location

Ultimate Design Wind Speed:

  • Residential: 110 MPH
  • Commercial: Risk Category 1- 100MPH, Risk Category 2- 110 MPH, Risk Category 3&4- 115 MPH

Frost Depth: 18 inches

Seismic Zone: Category C

Soil Bearing: Based on local conditions. Refer to OSSC Table 1804.2. 1,500 PSI allowed without engineering data.

Depth Requirements:

  • Water line: 30"
  • Sewer line: 12"
  • Electrical: 18", 24" if under driveway or street, 12" if it is a 120 volt GFCI protected circuit (these rules do change according to the wiring method)


Building Statistics


Commonly Asked Questions:

1. How long are reviews taking?

  • Reviews can vary based on staff workloads, the complexity of projects, and the need for more information from the customer to complete a review. Typically, residential reviews are between two and four weeks, commercial between three and six. We do not currently have an expedited review process.

2. Do I need a permit?

  • Some work is exempt from permitting. Check to see if your project falls within these exemptions here.

3. Can I do _________ to my property?

  • Start with our Planning Department at 541-923-7719 to get setbacks and other conditions for your project.

4. How much is a permit?

  • Costs for permits can vary. Check out our fee schedule to get an idea or try our free Pre-Development and Fee Estimate services for estimates. To learn more about SDCs and their associated costs, please click here.

5. How are fees calculated?

  • The State of Oregon outlines the methodology we use to calculate fees (OAR 918-050-0100). In short, we use the ICC's Building Valuation Table for residential and commercial work, but always inquire the value of the work being done from the applicant.

6. I noticed a project at _______, what's going on?

7. My project involves excavating in the public right of way, is there a permit required?

  • Yes. Excavation permits are handled by Public Works. Find the application here.

8. I need the occupancy load for an existing building.

9. The land I'm looking at doesn't have water/sewer, how much will it cost to bring that to the property?

10. My neighbor has done _______ and/or has placed _______ on their property; is this allowed?

  • Check with our Code Compliance Department to find out more about things such as disabled/junk vehicles, livestock, and excessive debris on property. They can be reached at 541-923-7720. Note, for issues like noise complaints, dogs at large, and illegal parking please contact the Police Department at 541-693-6911. 

11. I need to request copies of records or review old records for a piece of property.