Certificates of Occupancy

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Certificates of Occupancy


What is it?

  • A Certificate of Occupancy certifies that at the time of completion, and after all inspections have been approved, the structure is in compliance with the applicable provisions of the State Building Code and applicable City Codes regulating the construction and use of such buildings.


What projects need one?

  • A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all new commercial buildings, additions to such buildings, tenant improvements and changes of use pursuant to Section 111 of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code. Additionally, a Certificate of Occupancy is also required for new single-family dwellings and townhouses pursuant to Section R110 of the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. Additions and alterations to single-family dwellings or townhouses and accessory buildings do not require a Certificate of Occupancy.


 How do I get one?

  • Make sure all required final inspections have been approved. Reference the Residential and Commercial Checklists below. It is the responsibility of the owner or contractor to reschedule inspections that are deemed not ready or denied. 
  • Turn in all the required forms either in person or by uploading them to your permit via e-permitting. Look below for checklists and forms.
  • Request the certificate by calling us at 541-923-7721, or emailing us at cddcounter@ci.redmond.or.us.
    • For Temporary Certificates of Occupancy, please contact us.


How long will it take to process?

  • Depending on staff workloads, certificates can take up to 15 days.


I need a Certificate of Occupancy on a permit that is no longer active.

  • Please call us at 541-923-7721 to research this.


Residential Forms


Commercial Forms