Getting a Permit

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Getting a Permit

 Apply online at


Before you begin:

  • Is your planned work in accordance with zoning, land use and setback requirements?
    • Contact the Planning Department at 541-923-7719, and find the Pre-Development Application here.


  • Does your planned work create more than 5000 SF of new impervious surfaces (roofs, paved parking, walkways, etc)? If so, you may need an engineering review for site development.
    • For more information, the Engineering Department can be reached at 541-504-2002 and to find the Engineering Review Application, click here. Please note, engineering reviews must have had their first comments back before requesting building permits in order to prevent excessive revisions and delays.


  • Have you had the chance to look at the required forms and applications needed for your submittal?


Do I need a permit?

  • Some work is exempt from permitting. To see if you qualify, click one of the categories below. If you are still unsure or have additional questions, please contact us.

Commercial Exemptions

Residential Exemptions



How do I submit?

  • Licensed professionals can submit online at Homeowners can apply for limited permits online.
  • Submit in person. Our counter hours are 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday,  and we are located at 411 SW 9th St. Suite 213.


How long does it take to get permits?

  • Reviews can vary based on staff workloads, the complexity of projects, and the need for more information from the customer to complete a review. Typically, residential reviews are between two and four weeks, commercial between three and six. We do not currently have an expedited review process.



How much will it cost?

  • We calculate the value of your project using the ICC Valuation Table. Find it here. Once you have the value, check the  city fee schedule to find building permit costs. If you are needing an estimate of fees for System Development Charges, the best way to get these is through the fee estimate application that is located here. Please note, fee estimates cannot currently be submitted online and have a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks.


How can I check the status of my submittal?


When can I start work?

  • Work can commence once your permit has been issued, and your plans are returned to you marked approved. Approved plans and the permit must be available on the job site for inspections.


How do I schedule an inspection?

  • There are several options for scheduling an inspection. Check this page for more information.


How long are permits good for?

  • Once issued, permits are active for 180 days. Approved inspections will extend this as they come in. We make every attempt to notify applicants and property owners of impending expirations through online and/or mail correspondence.


More questions?

  • Try this page for more commonly asked questions. If you cannot find an answer, please contact the Building Department at 541-923-7721.