Examples of Common Code Violations


Overgrown Lotsovergrownlots
It is a violation to let one's grass or weeds grow more than 10 inches high at any time during the year (with a few exceptions. See full City Code 5.325 for more details). Vegetation can not make a hazard for pedestrian's use of a public sidewalk, block the view of traffic signs, signals, street lights, and street names. Vegetation can not cause a hazard due to disease or deterioration. Root systems can not interfere with sewer or waterlines.
Disabled/Junked Vehiclesdisabledjunkedvehicles
No person shall store a discarded vehicle on any private property for more than two weeks unless it is enclosed within a building or in a rear yard behind a site obscuring fence. A discarded vehicle may be inoperable, wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, abandoned, and/or junked.
Accumulation of debris, garbage, junk, or animal excrementjunkaccumulation
No owner of a property shall allow the accumulation of debris, garbage, junk, or animal excrement that is not removed within a reasonable time. Read City Code 5.335(1) for exceptions.


Clear Visionclearvision
For details see City Code 8.0305.


Who to Call for Other Issues

Abandoned vehicles on public right of way, dogs at large, noise complaints, illegal parking , and graffiti complaints can be reported by calling the non-emergency dispatch number, (541) 693-6911 or can be filed online with the Redmond Police Department.