Weed Abatement


Weeds are a regular occurrence in Redmond, especially during the summer months. Redmond City Code states that property owners are required to maintain vegetation on their property and adjacent street right of way so as not to create a fire hazard, damage property or encroach on streets or sidewalks. Vegetation that meets Redmond Code definition of a public nuisance is subject to code enforcement by the City of Redmond Code Compliance Department.  


Section 5.335(2) of the Redmond City Code addresses nuisance vegetation:

2. Vegetation: No person in charge of property that abuts a public street, road, alley or sidewalk may permit or cause to exist vegetation that:

A. Is a hazard to pedestrian use of a public sidewalk or is a hazard to bicycle or vehicular use of a public or private street by impeding passage or vision…
E. Is a weed or grass more than 10 inches high at any time during the year...
F. In those areas between the property line and the back edge of curb or the edge of an improved roadway or right-of-way, is a weed, grass or dead plant more than 10 inches high.

 Just the facts...

  • Noxious weeds (as identified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture) are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Noxious weed sprays can be purchased from local seed companies, farm and feed stores, and nurseries.
  • Cost share programs are available through Deschutes County and the State to treat weeds on private property. 
  • Benefits of keeping your property weed free:
    • Increased property value
    • Increased fire precaution
    • Decrease the spread of weeds
    • Fewer problems with garbage, pests and rodents
    • Fewer occurrences of theft or breaking and entering
    • Creates natural habitat for native plants and animals
  • There are several ways that you can help keep Redmond weed free!
    • Maintain public right of way adjacent to your property
    • Participate in adopt-a-street programs
    • Volunteer for annual weed pulls
    • Report areas that need code enforcement or City staff attention (see contact information below)
    • Use native vegetation for landscaping to reduce weeding and herbicide requirements

Most Common Weeds in Redmond

Russian Thistle
Salsola tragus
Tribulus terrestris
Acroptilon repens        
     Russian Thistle      Puncturevine     


Be Alert!

Report areas needing weed abatement!
To Report a Violation:  541-923-7720 or submit online