Urban Renewal

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The Community Development Department offers staff support to two City-Council-approved groups whose purposes are to guide the City of Redmond’s urban renewal efforts:

The Urban Renewal Agency’s efforts are committed to the one active urban renewal district in Redmond:

 Property Assistance Program

The City of Redmond Property Assistance Program provides grants and loans to property owners in the Urban Renewal District and rehabilitation of existing properties in the downtown core. Please click here to be taken to the Property Assistance Program page for a list of assistance opportunities.

Professional Business/Medical District

The Redmond Urban Renewal Agency has completed a Master Plan and Development Strategy for the area surrounding St. Charles Medical Center. The goal of this effort is to stimulate investment and job creation in our community. The Urban Renewal Agency has allocated $6 million over 20 years to support the development of a Business and Medical Employment District in the area surrounding St. Charles. Please visit the project page for more information and links to documents and presentations.

Midtown Plan

The Midtown Plan is the result of a multi-disciplinary planning effort leveraging meaningful stakeholder engagement into a vision defined by the community’s identity and aspirations for the future. The vision is interpreted in the form of a conceptual plan for the entire district and conceptual designs for key catalyst sites including a community recreation facility. These are accompanied by a tool box for thinking through public right of way and quasi-public space improvements and an action plan for the City to follow for implementation.

The plan evaluates the market potential for the developments and envisions conceptual designs by understanding housing and economic data and by interviewing development professionals. Existing conditions of infrastructure are also evaluated for its ability to accommodate future envisioned development. To a more limited extent the plan also considers the marketing and promotional activities conducted by the City and other stakeholders. Where gaps exist in these evaluations an action plan and recommended implementation steps are presented for the City’s consideration.

For more information, please call (541) 923-7721 and ask to be directed to the Urban Renewal Division of the Community Development Department.  We are located on the second floor of Redmond City Hall, 411 SW 9th Street.


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