Utility Improvements

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old replaced pipes

In some portions of the renewal area, the water system did not support the necessary fire flows to enable redevelopment, or new development, particularly in the downtown area from Canal Boulevard to 7th Street, where development code allows for high density development. In addition, the storm system on 6th Street in the downtown core was not fully developed, and was not able to handle storm drainage, causing significant flooding on 7th and 8th Streets in the downtown core. This activity funded a new 12" water line on 6th Street that connects to existing 12" lines on Glacier, Evergreen, and eventually Black Butte Avenues to significantly improve fire flows in the downtown core, as well as a new storm system on 6th Street that connects to a new storm system on Black Butte Boulevard to alleviate future flooding in the western downtown area.

Estimated Total Project Cost: $582,729