Information Technology

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The Information Technology (IT) department provides support for the communications and computer network for all departments in the City of Redmond. The IT department is responsible for providing not only the technical support for the current communication/computer network, but also the design and evolution of a communications/computer system that will meet the City's future goals.

The City's 11 site Wide Area Network (WAN) has an uptime of over 99.9%. The City's computer network also includes a Storage Area Network (SAN) to provide long term storage and access to the data of our quickly growing city. Although the department has only 3 members, an IT Network Technician is on-call 24 hours a day/7 days a week to address support issues quickly.

Cleveland, SheriIT ManagerInformation Technology(541) 923-7766
Cron, JoeIT Systems Specialist IIInformation Technology(541) 923-7768
Hayes, MattIT Systems Specialist IIInformation Technology(541) 504-3030
Ly, NamIT Specialist IInformation Technology(541) 923-7767