Dog Park Rules

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Park Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

1. Use this park at your own risk. You are responsible for any damage or injury inflicted by your dog (s) [City Code 5.270].

2. Always clean up after your dog [City Code 5.257].

3. Keep your eye on your dog and never leave your dog unattended.

4. Enter through the double-entry gate. Unleash your dog in the holding area; then open the inside gate and walk into the leash free area. Keep a leash with you at all times.

5. Always keep your dog on a leash outside of the designated off-leash area [City Code 5.265].

6. Use appropriate areas for small and large dogs.

7. Do not let your dog dig holes or damage the park plants and property.

8. Keep all puppies younger than 4 months out of the off-leash dog park [City Code 5.265, Section 3 (A)].

9. Female dogs in heat are not allowed in off-leash areas [City Code 5.265, Section 3 (B)].

10. Dogs must have current vaccinations and licensing [City Code 5.255]. Don’t bring a dog with contagious conditions or illnesses to the park.

11. Leash-up and leave if your dog is acting aggressively or having a bad day.

If you have questions, suggestions, or problems; please contact the City of Redmond, Public Works Department at 541.504.2000. If an emergency or injury occurs, please call 911.

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