Park Memorial Program

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Park Memorial Program

Community members or interest groups are encouraged to participate in one of the City of Redmond’s Memorial Programs as a way to communicate a significant birthday, anniversary, special event, or the passing of a loved one. Consider donating a bench or tree to commemorate a significant event.

Memorial Items


Your donation of a park bench helps to beautify the park, and provide a useful amenity that thousands of park users can enjoy and appreciate. The gift of a park bench is a unique way to remember a loved one or honor an individual. You have the option to purchase a bench to be placed at a new site or purchase a bench to replace an existing bench that may be reaching the end of its usefulness. Bench design and location may vary based on the needs of park. Some parks may not be available at all times and you may not be able to place a bench.



Cost: $1,500 - $2,500  (prices vary by type of bench)
    -Concrete Base (if needed)
    -6" x 8" bronze plaque
    -Site preparation
    -Maintenance (life of the bench)
Delivery and installation takes a minimum of 10-12 weeks


Your donation of a tree helps to beautify the park for years to come. You will work with the Parks staff and City Arborist to determine park and tree location.  Final location, specific type and size of tree will be determined by staff. Not all tree choices and parks are available at all times.


Cost: (Varies by price of tree)
    -Cost of tree
    -Site preparation and planting
    -Maintenance (life of the tree)
Trees will be planted from March – October (avoiding extreme summer heat).

  Water Fountains

Your donation of a water fountain will help in future users (and their pets) of the parks experience.  You can work with City staff on the best location and type of fountain.  Note: Fountains can only be placed in areas that are currently close to water lines.


Cost: varies by fountain type  $3,000 - $5,000

    -Cost of water fountain
    -6" x 8" bronze plaque
    -Site preparation and installation
    -Maintenance (life of the fountain)

Delivery and installation takes a minimum of 10-12 weeks.


Bike Rack

Your donation of a bike rack or bike aid station will help bicyclists on their commute or ride through the City. 


Cost: varies by type  $500  - $3,000

    -Cost of bike rack or aid station
    -6" x 8" bronze plaque
    -Site preparation and installation
    -Maintenance (life of the rack)

Delivery and installation takes a minimum of 10-12 weeks




Other memorial opportunities

The Parks Department may have additional enhancement items for programs, parks, or community centers available through the memorial program. Contact us for details.