Quartz Neighborhood Park

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'Virtual' Open House to Review Design and Features of the Park


Comment Period Ends May 31, 2020 

We started the community discussion about a proposed neighborhood park design, last November.   A survey asking residents opinions and needs for a new park was sent to every resident within a half mile of the park, posted on Facebook and also sent out in the City’s utility bill.  We received a great response from the community and took the leading themes and have now developed two concepts for the park design and amenities.   Our next step was to host Community Open Houses to present the concepts and get more feedback.  With the current physical distancing requirements, this is not possible but we're going online to continue the discussion!

How to participate:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Review the two design
  3. Vote for your preferred designs (VOTE HERE)
  4. Provide additional comments on specific parks elements if needed (click here)



 PARK CONCEPT A ( download PDF)                                                                                        PARK CONCEPT B (download PDF)  




These ‘imagery boards’ are visual images of the design and play elements if you’re unfamiliar.  These images may be a generic version of the element – for example a picture of playground does not include the specific playground that will go in to the park.

 Quartz Park ImageryBoards-1




Quartz Park ImageryBoards-3



Vote on your favorite concept and specific elements:  After reviewing the concepts and elements, you can vote on your preferred choice and then let us know your most desired elements


CLICK HERE to vote.  Note, you may need to refer back to the above images