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Tree City USA

The City of Redmond earned the 'Tree City USA' designation In the Winter of 2005. Becoming a Tree City USA helped the City get started toward an annual, systematic management of its tree resources. We now have an Arborist on staff to educate about urban tree care and help confront problems associated with poorly managed and aging trees. Our Arborist is also giving input at new construction areas to create a healthy balance between development and our urban forest.

Tree Permits

Being a part of Tree City USA aided our city in creating a ‘Tree Ordinance’ designed to protect trees and reduce future conflicts between trees and the urban environment. The city’s new municipal code (Redmond City Code, Section 3.600 to 3.613) states “a person shall obtain a permit approved by the City Arborist or designee prior to planting, removing or major pruning of any tree located on a public area.” Tree permits are free and can be obtained from the permit desk at the Community Development Department at City Hall or printed from this website. Return permits by mail or by taking them to the permit desk at City Hall. Tree Permit

When is a permit needed? What is a public area? For answers to these questions and more, click here: Frequently Asked Questions.

Tree Ordinances

Our City tree ordinance (Redmond City Code, Section 3.600 to 3.613) is designed to protect trees and reduce future conflicts between trees and the urban environment. For more click here: Tree Ordinance Brochure.

Approved Trees

See the link for approved street tree list for residential/commercial street trees.
Approved Street Trees  &  Under Power Lines

See the link for the approved street tree list that is specifically located within the downtown street tree corridor.
Approved Downtown Street Tree List

To determine if your location is within the street tree corridor see the map.
Downtown Street Tree Corridor Map


Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Although forest trees grow quite well with only nature's pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care. For more information on tree pruning click here: Tree Pruning Brochure.


Questions? Call Cassie Sigloh, City Arborist, at 541-504-2000.