Bicycle Serial Number Registration Program

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Your Redmond Police Department has partnered with Bike Index to help you get your bicycle back in the event of a theft.  Bike allows for individuals to register their bicycle(s) quickly and easily, without having to come to the Redmond Police Department.  Additionally, bicycle retailers in Redmond have registration cards available which can be filled out and dropped off at the police department. 

While steps can be taken to prevent theft, such as making certain your bicycle is locked up, put away at night, or not left at a location where theft is likely, registering your bicycle's serial number with Bike Index is an excellent way to increase the odds of your bicycle being returned to you after theft.

Click on the above Bike Index logo to be taken to their website for additional information, to create your Bike Index account, or login to your existing account to register your new bicycle.  Also, after reporting your bicycle stolen to the Redmond Police Department, go to your Bike Index account and let them know it is stolen, that way others can help you get your bicycle back.

It is the vision of the Redmond Police Department to make Redmond the safest community in Oregon.  Partnering with Bike Index is another way we are attempting to make this vision a reality.