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 SLOW DOWN REDMOND CAMPAIGN - Help Us Make Redmond Streets Safe for our Children

The City of Redmond and the Redmond School District are launching the second annual traffic safety awareness campaign reminding drivers to slow down, obey speed limits, and look out for children. 

The Redmond Police will be patrolling and enforcing speed limits in school zones where speeding is a concern.


  • 500 of these signs will distributed via local elementary schools, Redmond City Hall and the Police Dept. to urge drivers take a step back and think about the safety of others as you drive down city streets and through neighborhoods.  The signs are FREE, courtesy of the Redmond Public Works Department, and residents are encouraged to post the yard signs in their neighborhoods.


  • The City is doing more than just propping up signs to encourage drivers to be more careful; we are also incorporating new tools and technology to monitor speeds and help enforce speeding laws.  Driving 20 mph over the speed limit earns you a fine of $160; 21 mph means a $260 ticket and these amounts double if it occurs in school zone.

  • Numbers to know:

    School Zone Speed Limit Signs

    School Zone Speed Survive



Please contact our Public Works Department if you need a sign or have questions.

Redmond Public Works

To report a traffic violation or concern, please contact the Redmond Police Department.

Redmond Police Department
541-504-3400 (non-emergency)
541-693-6911 (Report a Crime)