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The Redmond Police Department utilizes a small number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to enhance the department's vision to make Redmond the safest community in Oregon.  UAVs have proven valuable in protecting lives and property when other means and resources are not available or are less effective.

The police department recognizes privacy interest concerns.  To that end, the Redmond Police Department has adopted a policy guiding UAV use, training, privacy, and public information sharing.  Evidence data obtained by a UAS will be retained pursuant to OAR 166-150-0135.  The Redmond Police Department does not store data obtained by a UAS in third party storage.  Also, the Redmond Police Department does not have intergovernmental agreements regarding disclosure of data.

Redmond Police policy 605 - Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Operations guides this department's use of UAVs.

Text of ORS 192.345

 The Redmond Police Department will only utilize an UAS in the following circumstances:

  • Pursuant to a valid warrant authorizing its use.
  • When there is probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime, is committing a crime or about to commit a crime, and exigent circumstances exist that make it unreasonable to obtain a warrant authorizing the use.
  • With the written consent of an individual for the purpose of acquiring information about the individual or the individual’s property.
  • As part of search and rescue activities, as defined in ORS 404.200.
  • When assisting an individual in an emergency if there is a reasonable belief that there is an imminent threat to the life and safety of the individual.
  • During a state of emergency declared by the Governor, if:
    1. The UAS is used for preserving public safety, protecting property or conducting surveillance that will be used to assess and evaluate environmental or weather-related damage, erosion or contamination.
    2. The UAS is operated only in the geographical area specified in the Governor’s proclamation.
  • For the purpose of reconstructing a crime scene or accident scene, or a similar physical assessment, that is related to a specific investigation, as provided by ORS 837.340.
  • For the purpose of training in the use and acquisition of information, as provided in ORS 837.345.

 Prohibited use of UAS includes:

  • To conduct random surveillance activities.
  • To target a person based solely on individual characteristics, such as but not limited to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • To harass, intimidate, or discriminate against any individual or group.
  • To conduct personal business of any type.
  • The UAS shall not be weaponized (ORS 837.365).
  • The UAS shall not be used in any way that causes interference with an aircraft that is in the air, taking off, or landing (ORS 837.374).

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