Wastewater Division

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aeration basins The Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) for City of Redmond is located at 3100 NW 19th Street at the north end of the Dry Canyon Trail. In January 2010, an $11 million dollar facility expansion was completed, increasing the plant capacity and updating the facility.

The WPCF facility is a secondary wastewater treatment plant designed to treat an average of 2.9 MGD from the City of Redmond. The treatment consists of two Orbal aeration basins, four clarifiers, disinfection, sludge holding and a solids handling facility. The facility also houses a laboratory for water quality analysis and offices for staff.

The facility operates under a permit issued from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and is designed to treat municipal wastewater using the following sequence of unit processes.

  • Influent Screening
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Effluent Disinfection
  • Effluent Conveyance and Infiltration
  • Biosolids Handling Systems
  • WPCF Support Systems

The treatment facility receives all municipal and industrial waste water from the City of Redmond. For further description of these systems please take our virtual tour. For more information on the treatment facility or to arrange a tour for your organization please contact the Wastewater Division at (541) 504-5070.