City Announces new 2019 Irrigation Rebate Program incentivizing water conservation

Irrigation System Add-Ons Rebate Program

Water is a precious and limited resource, especially in the high desert, where every drop is needed. We encourage you to join the City of Redmond in our efforts to conserve water, particularly in summer.   Water use in Redmond is six times higher in the summer because of irrigation needs. That’s why the City of Redmond is offering rebates on irrigation system add-ons (while funds last) that can help you reduce your outdoor water use.

 Download Irrigation System Add-Ons Rebate Form (PDF) 

 Eligible Rebate Items

 Weather-based Irrigation Controller  Up to $125 Adjusts watering based on local weather and landscape conditions
 Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles  $2 per nozzle (up to 20) Uses less water and reduces run-off compared to traditional sprayers
 Soil Moisture Sensor  Up to $70 Turns irrigation off when moisture near roots of plants is sufficient

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a single-family residential customer with an active water account in good standing with the
    City of Redmond’s Utility Billing Department.
  • Your irrigation system must have a backflow prevention device, tested annually by a state-certified backflow
    assembly tester. The City of Redmond will review your most recent backflow test to confirm your eligibility.
  • You will need to submit a completed rebate form along with a copy of the proof of purchase for the item
    within 30 days of the item purchase date.
  • The City of Redmond will conduct an inspection of your irrigation system to ensure that the rebate item has
    been installed correctly.
  • If you are a renter, you will need to have the property owner’s signature of approval.

Rebate Process

1. Purchase and install your qualifying rebate item. - Choose your irrigation system add-on from the City’s list of approved devices (see page 3 of rebate application form).

2. Complete and submit this rebate form within 30 days of item purchase - You can obtain a rebate form by downloading the Printable Rebate Form or by picking up the form at the Utility Billing Department or Public Works Department. Once you complete and sign the rebate form, please submit it with copy of your proof of purchase by mail, drop-off at the Utility Billing Department or Public Works Department, or email. A photocopy or scanned image of the proof of purchase is sufficient.

Mail: City of Redmond, Public Works Department
Attn: Irrigation System Rebate Program
243 E Antler Ave., Redmond, OR 97756


In-Person Pick-up and Drop-off:
City of Redmond, Public Works Department
243 E Antler Ave., Redmond, OR 97756
Utility Billing Department (Located at City Hall)
411 SW 9th St - First Floor Suite 119
Redmond, OR 97756  

3. Receive your rebate.   If your system passes inspection, you are eligible to receive your rebate! Your rebate will be
processed within 30 days of your inspection and will appear as a credit to your water account.

Rebates are limited while funding is available.  Download Irrigation System Add-Ons Rebate Form (PDF)