Water Conservation

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Every Drop Matters

Water is a precious and limited resource, especially in the high desert, where every drop is needed. We encourage you to join the City of Redmond in our efforts to conserve water, particularly in summer.




AquaHawk Water Monitoring

aquahawkAquaHawk is a FREE water monitoring service that sends you leak alerts and gives you online access to your water usage information. You can also set up threshold alerts, so you will receive notification if your water usage or water bill is getting too high.

To learn more visit the City's AquaHawk web page.


Free Water Conservation Items

The City offers free watering gauges, water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators, shower timers, and toilet tank displacement bags.

  • Watering gauges help you understand how much water your sprinkler uses, so you can apply only the amount of water needed.
  • Water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators create the feeling of high pressure while using less water.
  • Shower timers help you keep track of the length of your showers and set goals for taking shorter showers.
  • Toilet tank displacement bags reduce the amount of water used per flush.

To learn more about the benefits of these water-saving items and where to get them, visit our Free Water Conservation Items webpage.


Rebate Program


The City offers rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, and rotating sprinkler nozzles to help you reduce outdoor water use.

To learn more about the benefits of these water-saving technologies and how to get them, visit our Rebate Programs webpage.


Do-It-Yourself Household Water Assessment

The City of Redmond’s Do-It-Yourself Household Water Assessment teaches you how to evaluate your water use, check for leaks, and improve water efficiency in your home.

The City recommends that you conduct a water assessment in your home at least once a year. It takes only 15 minutes to do. To begin, download the assessment here.


Indoor Water Conservation Information


We spend a lot of time indoors, so efforts we make to save water indoors can have a large cumulative effect. You can decrease your indoor water use by: 1) reducing water waste, 2) updating appliances, and 3) fixing leaks.

To learn more, visit our Indoor Water Conservation webpage.



Indoor and Outdoor Water Use Calculator

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 Use the Home Water Works Calculator to find out where you can save the most water inside and outside of your home.

The calculator is an easy-to-use, interactive tool that takes you through your yard and each room in your house. At the end, you will get a report about your water use.

Here’s what you can learn from the Home Water Works Calculator:

  • Estimated household water usage for each major household appliance
  • The energy footprint of your water use
  • How your water use compares to an average house and a water-wise house
  • Efficiency recommendations based on your home’s appliances and your water use behavior

Click here to use the Home Water Works Calculator.


Outdoor Water Conservation Information

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 Outdoor water use is where we can collectively make our greatest water conservation gains! Summertime water use in Redmond is higher than the national average. We use five times more water in the summer than in winter, primarily because of landscape irrigation. The City of Redmond wants to reduce summer water use substantially and needs your help to do it.

To learn how to use less water in your yard, visit our Outdoor Water Conservation webpage.


The Weather Station

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The City of Redmond has a weather station to provide you with real-time, accurate weather conditions to help you optimize water use when irrigating. Weather-based irrigation controllers can be linked to the data. Other irrigation systems can be managed using irrigation requirements recommendations generated from the weather station data.