Water, Stormwater & Sewer Rates

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With the adoption of new 2019-2020 Fiscal Year budget, the Redmond City Council voted to increase water and wastewater rates by 1% and increase stormwater rates by 4%.  The increase in these rates will assist with the rising costs of the daily operations, maintenance and growth .

How much will my bill go up?
A typical single family residence has a 5/8" meter and uses about 10 ccf (hundred cubic feet) of water per month in the winter and 25 ccf in the summer.

Based on that usage pattern, monthly bills would increase as follows:

Water Existing New
Water-Winter $27.15 $27.40
Water-Summer $45.30 $45.70
Sewer-All Year $31.32 $31.63

Multi-Family residences (apartments) will pay a uniform monthly sewer rate of $24.59 per dwelling unit.

Stormwater rate effective as of October 1, 2013.

Stormwater Existing New
Residential $7.87 $8.18
Multi-Family per dwelling unit $7.44 $7.74
*Commercial $6.73 + .060 6.47 + .060 x trip generation(ITE industry standards)

*If you have questions about the Commercial stormwater account calculations, please contact Wastewater at 541-504-5075.

Commercial sewer accounts currently pay a base fee per month, plus a volume charge based on strength classification and winter months water consumption average. Base sewer charges for commercial accounts include the first 7 ccf. The rates are as follows:

Classification Base Rate Volume Rate
Low $31.63 $2.77
Medium $31.63 $3.41
High $31.63 $4.09
Very High $31.63 $4.72

The rate increase will be reflected on the utility bill that you receive in late July.

Please contact Republic Service at 541-548-4984 for garbage rates.

Utility Assistance Program available
If you have questions, please call: